Forced convection drying oven

Product :  Forced convection drying oven
Model     : J-407S, J-407M

1. Digital controller with LCD Display with Manual and Programmable function(10 step) regulates temperature precisely.

2. SSR Control eliminates malfunction of relay switches, enhances uniform temperature distribution.

3. Overheating is prevented by automatic shut-off circuit.

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EUTECH Alpha pH-2000D

Alpha pH2000 wall-mount pH controller  TSPHCTP2000D
Differential pH electrode w PT100 – 20ft cable ECFP21A1A1
Differential ORP electrode w PT100 – 20ft cable  ECFR21A1A1

For calibration purposes to ensure meter reads accurately:-

pH 7.00 buffer solution – 480ml bottle  ECBU7BTC
pH 4.01 buffer solution – 480ml bottle  ECBU4BTC
ORP quinhydrone 255mV solution – 480ml     ECORPQUIN


These two pipettor packages cover the most used volumes:Package 1 Micro comprises:a) 3 Microlitre pipettors with the volumesLLG-microlitre pipettor 0.5 to 10µlLLG-microlitre pipettor 10 to 100µlLLG-microlitre pipettor 100 to 1000µlb) for each pipettor one bag of tipscrystal (0.1 to 10µl) 1000 tipsyellow (10 to 100µl), 1000 tipsblue (100 to 1000µl), 1000 tipsPackage 2 Macro comprises:a) 3 Microliter pipettors with the volumesLLG-microlitre pipettor 100 to 1000µlLLG-microlitre pipettor 500 to 5000µlLLG-microlitre pipettor 1000 to 10000µlb) for each pipettor one bag of tipsblue (100 to 1000µl), 1000 tipsclear (100 to 5000µl), 250 tipsclear (1000 to 10,000µl), 100 tips

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