HI 9043 is a hand-held thermometer that uses a K-type probe together with an advanced microprocessor to deliver temperature measurements in a wide range. The meter is housed in a rugged ABS case for maximum protection anywhere. The smooth keypad with membrane button will wipe clean easily. In addition to an extended range and better accuracy, a dual-level LCD will display the highest and lowest temperatures measured in the cycle, while also displaying the current temperature. A HOLD button will guarantee the user as much time as necessary to record the readings. The °C/°F button allows the user to easily switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit ranges. At startup, HI 9043 performs a self-check and displays remaining battery life. A wide variety of interchangeable probes are available to meet each specific application.
HI 9044 offers all the features and benefits of HI 9043. The only difference is that a fixed liquid probe is included with this popular thermocouple thermometer.


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