EST-1 Operating Table

Longitudinal shift,dual position control,X-ray lucent table top,and compatible accessories feature EST-1 with advanced design and components, multifunction and flexibility. Smooth electro hydraulic system ensures EST-1 secure,stable and efficient.

Longitudinal Shift
Longitudinal shift 296mm allows use of a C-Arm.

Easy to Clean
Medical-class stainless steel constructioneasy to clean.

Dual Control Systems
A corded hand controller and a secondary integrated controller on the table body are used alternatively to ensure continuous control in case one of the controllers fails.

X-ray Lucent Table Top
Head plate,back plate,seat plate and leg plate are all X-ray lucent,equipped with rails for X-ray cassettes.

Leg plate
Leg plate is detachable and equipped with reliable pneumatic spring for upward, downward and outward adjustments.

Reliable electro hydraulic system and electric control system ensure various patient positions and work smoothly to minimize risks of an operation.
An internal rechargeable battery with a battery indicator and low-battery alarming can be used for up to 30 days after one charge and ensures continuous operations.


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