This digital application modules trainer is designed to provide further and more extensive studies about some important digital circuits. The students are recommended to finish all experiments in Labtech Logic and Advanced digital trainer (EFT-DTL, EFT-DTA) before proceeding to this application trainer. The trainer offers wide range of most common digital application circuits that are used in digital electronics
The trainer consists of a number of individual modules that can be used with the Digital electronics Lab Base Station (EFT-LBS-3). Each application circuit module is printed on a special design PCB that shows the circuit layout on top of the PCB (component side). In addition, the circuit path is able to be observed from the bottom side of the PCB (solder side). During the exercises, the student makes essential connections by using 2 mm stackable connection leads. In this way the student is able to construct and to complete the circuit in each of the practical exercises.
While doing the practical circuit exercises, the students are also expected to take many electronic instrument measurements in order to understand and to study the circuit electrical characteristics and behavior. The measurements are taken at the test point locations that are purposely provided for this reason. 
The circuit module is placed on a digital base station that facilitates other requirements for the module such as: digital data switches, digital logic indicator, pulse switches, clock generator, seven segment displays etc. See page EFT10 and EFT04 for detail base station which is ordered separately. 
A comprehensive experiment manual is provided to guide the students in studying the various application modules. This manual includes step-by-step instruction to prepare the modules for the experiment as well as some theory to strengthen the student’s knowledge in areas that is important as a background which is needed before doing the experiment


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