Industrial Electronics Trainer

Item  :  Industrial  Electronics Trainer (Featuring Power Electronics)
Model  :  EFT-IPX
Labtech’s industrial power electronics trainer is a modular course covering the fundamentals, concepts, theory and applications of industrial and power electronics that are in common use by industry for control of electrical systems, machines and processes.  It is designed to cover the knowledge of power electronics technology such as fundamental understanding of power switching devices, control circuits, three phase systems and applications of power electronics devices.  A number of experiments and related modules are provided for comprehensive training on each particular experiment topic.  To gain a deeper understanding of the topics we suggest using the industrial power electronics trainer in conjunction with our basic electronics and basic electricity trainers as prerequisites.  
The courseware is based upon the text lab manual “industrial electronics” by Paul Zbar and Richard Koelker. It has been developed in cooperation with the electronics industries association (EIA), of the United States and is recommended by them for industrial technician training. The EIA has stated, “The aim of this basic instructional series is to supply schools with a well-integrated, standardized training program, fashioned to produce a technician tailored to industry’s needs.”  
All necessary equipments for all experiments such as power supply, switches, and meters are installed on the base station.  The experiments are contained on a series of PCB type modules which are inserted into the base station during use.  2mm connection points are utilized on the PCB modules thus allowing the student to use the test leads to wire up the experiments and modify the circuits.  It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in doing experiments and testing circuits.  A comprehensive textbook and experiment manual are provided to be used together as a guide for the students in doing the experiments.


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