Jual Alat Peraga Electronics Fundamentals

Labtech’s electricity and electronics fundamentals trainer is a modular course covering the concepts, theory and applications of basic electricity and electronics that are required for technicians.  This comprehensive course is presented in a systematic way starting the student out at the beginning covering basic theory and measurements with meters.  It then progress to fundamental theorems and laws with basic circuits and principles of magnetism and AC/DC power.  Next various types of devices are covered suction resistors, capacitors, diodes, semiconductors etc.  From here the student proceeds on with various types of circuits such as power supplies, emitter, amps, op amps and then finished with basic concepts of digital logic circuits with some applications for AD and DA conversion, counters and decoders.
The courseware is based upon the text lab manual “Electricity and Electronics Fundamentals” by Paul Zbar and Joseph Sloop. It has been developed in cooperation with the electronics industries association (EIA), of the United States and is recommended by them for industrial technician training. It is an industry recommended school tested laboratory program perfectly suited as an introductory course for electronic service technicians and is also well suited for use in technical high schools and two-year colleges or polytechnics.
Many of the primary service requirements for all experiments such as power supply, switches, and potentiometers are provided on the base station.  The experiments are contained on a series of PCB type modules which are inserted into the base station during use.  2mm connection points are utilized on the PCB modules thus allowing the student to use the test leads to wire up the experiments and modify the circuits.  It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in doing experiments and testing circuits.  A comprehensive textbook and experiment manual are provided to be used together as a guide for the students in doing the experiments.


2 thoughts on “Jual Alat Peraga Electronics Fundamentals”

  1. Dengan hormat,

    Kami adalah seorang pengajar di Sekolah Kejuruan untuk itu mohon kiranya Bapak memberikan penawaran harga serta delivery timenya serta syarat2 pembayaran untuk:

    1. Alat peraga Electronic Fundamental 1 set lengkap berikut asesoris yang dibutuhkan oleh alat ini.
    2. Analog dan Digital Circuit Trainer 1 set lengkap berikut asesories yang dibutuhkan oleh alat ini.
    3. Industrial Control Trainer 1 set lengkap berikut asesories yang dibutuhkan oleh alat ini.

    Karena kami masih belum tahu dengan alat ini mohon kiranya bapak juga memberikan brosur2nya.

    Demikian yg dapat kami sampaikan, mohon kiranya Bapak memberikan jawaban secepatnya. Terimakasih

    Hormat kami,

    F Vicky AR

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