Jual Analog and Digital Communication Trainers

Labtech offers a series of trainers for educational programs involving communications studies. These trainers are all designed in a modular format using our base station and PCB module approach in order to make the program both comprehensive and flexible for both the student and the teacher.
The training course is divided into separate sections for Analog and Digital Communications. Each section features a set of modules that cover the fundamental principles involved. After completing the fundamental modules the student may move onto the applications boards in which he may see how real systems work under operational conditions.
This training program complements the comprehensive line of Labtech radio communications trainers. For years now Labtech has produced some of the best practical radio training systems on the market. Our radio trainers feature functional radio transmitters and receivers that are clearly laid out on PCB modules. Many of these trainers feature our unique system for the insertion of electronic faults that is used on so many of our trainers. The communications series modules continues in this tradition and will strengthen any learning program concerning radio, digital and telephone communications.


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