Jual Basic Electricity Trainer, Plug-in Module Type

Computer And Information Technology
IT training has become an increasing important area in technical and engineering education within the past decade. The IT sector  has long enjoyed high employment growth and students graduating with good skills and knowledge can easily obtain good paying jobs.  Unfortunately comprehensive training systems have not been available to schools. In the past, schools have had to select bits and pieces from various manufactures and the result has not been very good.  There are a lot of good textbooks on the market but little in the way of comprehensive training systems that combine both hardware and courseware to make truly integrated and useful training systems.
Labtech has targeted IT training as a key and core business for designing and producing new training systems.  We are continually upgrading, updating and producing new training systems for this area.  Our main focus is on the hardware and systems technician/engineer training programs.  However, we also set up complete labs which also include software and programming training facilities.
Labtech has become within the last two years a world leader in producing specialized training products for IT training.  We have established cooperation programs with a number of top computer manufacturers to bring the latest information to schools.  Labtech now produces the widest variety and largest number of different training systems especially targeted for training in the computer IT area.
Labtech products are designed to follow the A+ (A plus) Certification Standards from the USA.  A plus has quickly become the world standard for knowledge testing and certification for both hardware and software technicians.  Labtech training systems are designed to prepare the students and gives them the knowledge and skills to fulfill the test requirements.

Item : Basic Electricity  Trainer
Model : EFT-ELC-1     Plug-in Component Circuit Matrix Trainer
Labtech’s basic electricity trainer is a modular course covering the fundamentals, concepts, theory and applications of electricity.  It is designed as a starter course to provide new students with a good solid grounding in this area, which is so important for future studies.  The basic electricity training program is ideal as one of the first courses for students studying electrical disciplines.  It is also suitable for electronics students who want a more complete grounding in the basics, and can be taken as a prelude to the Labtech basic electronics course.


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