Jual Basic Electronics Trainer, Circuit Based Training Series

Item  : Circuit Based Training Series
Labtech is now making available its extensive range of circuit based training boards by topic groups to address specific training needs.  This makes it easier for teachers and instructors to target upgrading specific skills for their training programs.  These boards are designed for circuit based training and provide many examples of operational circuits relevant to each series topic.  The boards are clearly laid out and require the students to connect key parts of the circuit as part of the exercises. 

This hands on activity helps to relate the theory to the practical applications.
In many cases the circuits are designed to allow circuit modifications.  The benefit of this is that the student is not exposed to only static circuits but he can modify them by changing key components featuring different values.  In this way he can see the performance of the circuit and how it will react when components of different values are substituted.  
The PCB modules can be ordered as sets below.  Each set consists of a series of PCB modules and the related courseware containing the theory and student experiments.  The modules can be used in the basic electronics base station (model number eFT-lBS-2)
 Each module consists of high quality epoxy coated fiberglass printed circuit board with the electronic components mounted onto the surface.  Each board is printed with a neatly laid out silk-screened schematic circuit diagram showing the circuit construction and operation.  The experiment boards are designed to be very educational and to reinforce the link between the theoretical and practical aspects.  All the components and connections (PCB tracks) in each circuit are clearly visible and can be associated with schematic diagram, nothing is hidden from view.


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