Labtech’s Operational Amplifier Trainers are a modular system covering the fundamentals, concepts, theory and applications of op Amp circuits. It is designed as a more in-depth course with operational amplifier application circuits. The experiments are ideal for further studies in op amp and provide more application circuits than previous study in Labtech Basic Electronics Trainer. Please note that for additional fundamental topics, the student may desire to take the Basic Electronics Trainer Course prior to the Operational Amplifier Trainer.
The trainer consists of a base station into which is plugged in a modular board that match the experiments. Experiments cover inverting amplifier, summing amplifier, attenuator/divider, non-inverting amplifier, differential amplifiers, impedance converter, comparator, astable multivibrator, monostable multivibrator, integrator, differentiator, delta and sawtooth generator, RC oscillator, Schmitt Trigger /squarer, pulse length discriminator, analog to frequency converter, analog to digital converter, digital to analog converter, exponential function, RMS value and square-root, analog calculation circuits.
The base station provides the power supplies, basic instrumentation and accessories that are required to support the training module boards. An experiment manual is provided to guide the student in doing the step by step experiment procedures according to the topics required.


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