Jual Optoelectronics

Item  :  Optoelectronics
Model  :  EFT-OPE-1
This high-technology laboratory course demonstrates the use of optoelectronic devices in a wide range of applications including office copy machines, biomedical instruments, telephone communications, aircraft equipment, consumer products and motor vehicles.  The course covers the latest state-of-the-art devices used in applying optodevices to electric power, digital communications.  Course participants will learn from laboratory exercises and theoretical information how to use modern light emitter/sensor circuits and hardware in information flow circuits.  
The opto electronics course includes discussions on the operation and application of light emitters, detectors, fiber optic cables and their hardware, along with applicable circuits in power, telecommunications, data transfer, bar code scanning and contacless switching.  The course consists of modular PCB instruction units, a base station with power supply, jumper leads and the laboratory manual.  Most experimental circuits are prewired, while others must be constructed.


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