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About Us
We are a General trading company which is have a core business in Medical and Laboratory Equipment supply, including glassware, scientific, education tools and chemicals and reagent also, our products we classified as follow;
1. Medical Equipment.
2. Laboratory Equipment.
3. Education Tools and Simulation such as;

a. IT Tools and simulation, b. Electronic and Electrical, c. AC. d Language, d Automotif

4. Glass ware
5. Education simulation tools
6. Reagent
7. Chemicals
We are incorporated on 2007, with the objective to establish itself as a reliable business partner to all its valued customers. We continuously strive to provide sound Hospitality and Laboratory Equipment and one of our product brand is DAIHAN SCIENTIFICT, JISICO, SHIN SAENG SCI, LABETCH, LABCAIRE/PURICORE and DAEYANG-ETS

1. Water purification System
2. Water Batch
3. Drying Oven
4. Incubator
5. Shaking Incubator
6. Autoclave/Sterilizer
7. Environmental test chamber/Thermal Shock tester
8. Growth Chamber
9. Storage Chamber/Freezer
10. Fume Hoods/Safety cabinet
11. Hotplate Stirrer
12. Muffle Furnace
13. Micro-centrifuge
14. Lab Frame Stand
Through our good relationship with suppliers and the forming of strategic alliances with numerous reputable companies, we have more depth in providing our valued customers with products and services. We has the ability and capability to offer our customers competitive pricing without compromising on quality of products and services.
PT.Trias Nathomi Chemindo  is fully committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in services quality
Sincerely Yours

Komplek Ruko taman Niaga Blok K.11 Batam
Telp: 0778-7237892, 0778-7372299
Fax; 0778-7372300
HP: 081261534199
Skype: nimrod.sitohang

6 thoughts on “Labcaire-Puricore”

  1. saya tertarik dengan laminarflownya tolong kirim dimensinya dan saya punya ruangan untuk laminar flow plus preparasinya kurang lebih 2x 2,5 meter, didalamnya rencananya berisi 1 Laminar flow, autoclav, meja preparasi. Tolong tawarkan ke kami laminar flow dan autoclav yang sesuai dimensi ruangan ini (ruang microbiologi ) sebagai informasi pintu di sisi lebar ruangan jangan lupa harga netnya dan cara pembayaran dan pengirimannya

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